Privacy Policy

TailTarget works to better understand your preferences, interests and profile in order to help publishers and advertisers to deliver the most relevant and customized content or advertising, throughout any point of contact between both parts.

We collect anonymous data about your online behavior, from several web and mobile sites, which shall mention in their privacy policy that 3rd party cookies is being used to collect data for statistical analysis and either advertising or content customization. We do not collect personal identifiable information (PII) without your previous and explicit consent.

TailTarget follows and encourages the best privacy practices worldwide and submitted to Brazilian law and regulation. We are member of ABEMD (Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Marketing Direto) and IAB-Brasil (Internet Advertising Bureau), which sets principles of ethics and transparency for ad tech and data companies.

TailTarget is cookie based platform, through which anonymous data about your profile is collected. Cookies are files saved on the internet browsers of your personal device (notebook, cell phone, tablet, etc). Cookies saved by TailTarget allow us to understand your online behavior and share that information with 3rd parties for analysis and either customized advertising or content, only.

Opt-Out Service: in the case that you do not want to share your anonymous data that can enable TailTarget to help companies providing you a better online experience, we respect DNT protocol (“Do Not Track”), which can be activated on your own internet browser setup. You can also access anytime our opt-out.